Help your friends and loved ones!

We identify weaknesses more easily than strengths, defects more easily than qualities. To be caring is to look after the good of those around you by pointing out strengths, qualities and skills. If you show your friends their talents, you will help them succeed in a project, realize a dream, find an internship or a job ... and they will in turn help you!

Discover your talents with family and friends

GutenTag allows you to send and receive trophies (the observation of your talents), create your coat of arms (a cloud of words that show your success) and build your shield (your talents are recognized and protect you against negative words). And what if you made a unique and unforgettable gift? Click here to discover how!

We are stronger together!

We can work alone but we almost always succeed as a team. If you trust others and they trust you, you create a network of trust (mutual trust) that you can mobilize in important moments of your life. Thanks to your network and your talents, your future (internships, jobs) will meet your expectations and your dreams will become reality.